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"Progressive" views altering the European heritage sector/media

This may offend people and feel free to stop following me if it does.

On the subject of Norse mythology, for the new movies about Thor and Loki  as comic book characters (but obviously heavily influenced if not the same as the Norse gods). Why did they feel the need to cast Heimdall, the guardian/keeper of the bridge that leads to Asgard as a black guy??

I LOVE Idris Elba, his show Luther is amazing and I look forward to the next series but casting a black man as someone who is essentially a Northern European GOD is just odd…. “diversity quotas” are leaking into every aspect of industry. Anything public sector like government, education or police has these in place so the best person won’t always get the job because people need to be seen as actively recruiting BME (black and minority ethnic) people otherwise they get VITAL funding cut.

In the museum I was in, this was the case…and this funding WAS vital, they needed to save 180,000 in this coming year to stay open and not lose their livelihood and means of feeding their family, so every bit of funding helps. They literally are surprised that a museum dedicated to a majority white city and its story has mainly white people visiting it. They say the staff, the visitors and the volunteers are “too white” and even the volunteers have to have an interview because of the amount of applicants. Being not white is an advantage in these areas.

Also it led to our collection in the museum over representing certain communities to try and make them come in. I’ve also noticed that BBC costume dramas have a disproportionate amount of black people in them and the writers will use any way they can to fit in a minor sub plot about slavery and if there’s a forbidden sexual relationship, it is ALWAYS between a white woman and a black man.

Now one may think “Well that isn’t so bad….we are diverse now and multicultural, so why not include them too?” well it is bad because they are literally editing people’s view of history so we can be “progressive”. No matter what your beliefs or political leanings are you should NEVER be allowed to alter our history. Our heritage and our culture is our own and unless something happens in the next few decades it will be too late and we won’t have a culture anymore.

Just compare Europe to every other continent and you’ll see how weird it is, (except North America). No other area on Earth tries so hard to change it’s culture and make it’s own people feel guilty about who they are. All the student teachers learn and study to become a teacher in universities that are majorly left wing and they will teach our children. When I was in school, in history we learnt about Apartheid, Nazi Germany and Civil Rights Movement in America….so basically white guilt, followed by white guilt, with a side of white guilt. Just think about what our Grandchildren will be like in years to come.

/rant over

My job is repetitive so they allow us to listen to our iPods. I got 20 hours of European mythology loaded onto it and am like 4 hours into this one.

Some of my ancestors were Vikings so I love learning about their beliefs, listening to this spurs up beautiful images in my mind; how the wife of Thor has hair made of gold strands so fine they’re almost weightless and how some of them have gleaming blue eyes.

It’s so much more rich than Christian stories. Here’s the link to what I’ve been listening to, it’s very easy to listen to….I think it may be a simplified version for children perhaps.

Enjoy :)